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Njord Watertight Canister

Njord Watertight Canister

Njord Watertight Canister

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Hiking & Camping out in the rain can be enjoyable or miserable based on one thing.

Can you get the fire going or not, it make or break your night , and if its raining, it's the difference between being warm and dry or soaked to the bone.

Finding usable tinder such as birch bark, milkweed or abandoned birds nests in the rain
is challenging enough.

Keeping your stash dry for the days ahead shouldn't be difficult.

With a Njord Watertight Canister, your tinder will be kept dry & secured. 

No need to risk not being able to light a fire or storing your birch bark in your coat pocket getting it soaked by rain & snow.

Light your tinder with the first stroke of the fire steel, every time, with tinder stored in a Njord Watertight Canister.


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