Ultralight AirPump F.A.Q

Q: Will it damage my gear?
Certainly not, all the airpump does is suck in filtered air through it's nozzle into your mattress or pillow's valve.

Q: How long does it last?
It can fill up roughly 9-12 air mattresses with one full charge.

Q: Does it need batteries?
Nope! Your AirPump will have a charging cable included in the sack.

Q: Will it fit my valve type?
We have yet to find an air mattress or pillow that has an incompatible valve.
Be sure to let us know if you find one!

Q: How does this protect my gear?
Humidity builds up from our breath when we fill up these mattresses, avoid this by using an Ultralight Camping AirPump.

Q: Does it work with inflatable kayak?
Yes, our AirPump is compatible with inflatable kayaks.

Q: Does it work with my paddle board?
No, our AirPump does not have enough psi to fill up a paddle board, a bigger version of our pump is in the works currently to support this.

Q: Can it work on my bike?
No unfortunately, our nozzles are not compatible with bike tires

Q: Is it Water Resistant?
Yes, it can take being splashed or dropped in a puddle but dunking it under water for an extended period of time isn’t recommended.

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