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Fish Finder & Depth Indicator

Fish Finder & Depth Indicator

Fish Finder & Depth Indicator

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Locate fish & their depth
Know the depth of the water
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How you can catch more fish then you ever have before

By knowing where the fish are, at all times.

✅ You'll know the depth of the water
beneath you for perfect casting.

✅ Where are the fish and at what depth.

✅ Where game fish are hiding with the
Rock Coves & Weed Bed Locator

Built-in Features:

 Environment Locator

Our built in environment locator will let you
know how deep the water is beneath you.

 Silent Sonar Fish Locator

The silent sonar allows you to locate fish
without scaring off skittish game.

 DropFind™ Depth Indicator 

The DropFind™ calibrator shows what depth the fish are swimming at, making casting a breeze.

Weed Beds & Cove Finder 

Weed Beds & Rock Coves are perfect hiding spots for bass & other game fish, find those hide outs with our detector. 

 Sub-Zero Tested

Enjoy ice fishing?

Good, You're in the right place.

Our Fish Finder works at -10° Fahrenheit 
(-23° Celsius) in the dead bitterness of
winter, no problems.

Our Advanced Sonar

Scans the area dozens of time per second for laser accurate readings.

Finds fish hidden under reeds & rock coves.

Scans down to 
300 ft (91 m). Deeper than any handheld fish finder on the market.

If you're not satisfied with the Fish Finder, tear up the invoice - you won't owe us a cent.

What could be fairer than that?

Try our Fish Finder FREE for 120 days.

We offer 120 day Money-Back Guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you every penny.

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Frequently Asked Questions ❓

How does it work?
1. Throw the buoy & sonar in the water,
2. Turn on the Fish Finder
3. Start casting!
Find our full guide Here.

Where can I use it?
On a boat, by the shore, ponds or anywhere you fish. It needs to be at least 3 feet deep or else the sonar waves will bounce off itself.

The sonar transducer will not work in a pool or bucket, test it out in a pond or lake!

What type of weather can it handle?
It works in any season, when cold and under -22° F (-30° C), keep it in your pocket while not in use to preserve battery.

Specifications ⚙

Frequency:  45° degrees at 200 khz
Sonar Reach: 300 feet (90 meters)
Cord Length: 25 feet (8 meters)
Display: Anti-UV LCD
Power Source: 4 AAA Batteries
Build: Hardened ABS Plastic
Water Resistant: Yes

Ultralight Hiker Approved
120 Day Money-Back Guarantee
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