Quick Start Guide

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Q) How do I start using it?

1. Make sure the little handle is turned closed (You'll see a - and + sign, turn it towards the negative sign).

2. Screw it on to any standard camping canister.

4. Slide out the four legs & open the arms to hold up your pot.

5. Slowly open the gas valve until you hear the hissing of gas escaping.

6. Press the red button to light the Piezo Igniter and your stove.


Q) It doesn't fit on my canister?

Your Ultralight Camping Stove not screwing on to your canister?

Make sure your using canisters from these retailers: Snowpeak, Jetboil, MSR or Gigapower.

Using a Coleman propane canister?
No problem, we offer an adapter here:
Click Here for it.


Q) Is the canister removeable?

Yes, our Ultralight Camping Stove can be screwed off any canister for compact packing.


Q) Is it Waterproof?

Yes! The stove will never be damaged by sitting or being dropped in water.

Let it out to dry for a while before using it again for peak performance.

Q) Can it handle the cold ?

Our stove was built in mind to handle harsh Canadian Winters ❄

It's an all season stove, from -12° Fahrenheit (-24° Celsius) and above is ideal.

You can also use propane canisters with our stove for even lower temperatures.


Q) What type of altitude can it handle?

Don't fret mountaineers, this stove will perform even at 10,000 feet (3,048m) of elevation.


Q) Does the built-in igniter break?

We have had the Piezo Igniter tested for over 10,000 clicks of use.

Imagine if you went camping every weekend every month for 10 years.

You'd still have uses left in it.


Q) Why is my flame so low or sputtering?

Check your fuel canister's weight, is it almost out of gas?

Is the valve turned at least 1 full rotation?

Maybe it's time for a cleaning.

If it still doesn't work properly, email our service team at contact@njordoutdoors.com


Q) How do I adjust the heat?

Each full turn of the valve will increase the amount of gas that comes out, increasing the heat.

*Always make sure your handle is closed before screwing your stove unto the canister to not waste gas escaping*


Q) How do I clean it?

1. Keep your stove safely tucked away in it's storage container when not in use.

2. Q-tips with rubbing alcohol to remove & soot or grim out of the inter pieces.

3. Use a cloth with rubbing alcohol again to rub off any soot left on the legs of the stove.