Fish Finder Guide

Q: How to Turn Get Started

1. Unravel the cord with the sonar & yellow buoy attached.

2. Plug in the sonar cord into the fish finder.

3. Place 4 AAA batteries into the fish finder

4. Hold "Enter" button for 2-3 seconds to open the device & begin scanning.

Q: What Info can I see?

1. The depth of the water beneath you

2. Where are the fish and at what depth.

3. Where game fish are hiding with the Rock Coves & Weed Bed Locator

Q: How is it powered?

It requires 4 AAA batteries.

Q: What are these symbols / settings for?

1. Fish Finding Sensitivity
2. Battery Saver Mode
3. Fish Alarm (Will ring when fish is detected)
4. Backlight ON / OFF  (Turn off in daylight)