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Ultralight Camping AirPump

Ultralight Camping AirPump

Ultralight Camping AirPump

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Ultralight: Only 2.9 oz (85 g)
Fill an Air Mattress in 1.5min
120 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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You might be permanently damaging your gear

Blowing up your gear with your lungs causes humidity to build up inside your mattress & pillows every time you use them.

Built-up humidity can cause mold or ice to form during colder temperatures, alongside other unpleasant smells.

🎈 Quickly Inflate Anything

Inflate any kind of sleeping mats or pillows in seconds.

Fill up your air mattress in 1.5min 💨

Ultralight & Pocket-Sized

It's only 2.9 ounces (85 grams),
less then a deck of cards.

At this weight, it's not even considered a glamping luxury item, it's essential.

 Universal Valves Types

Your Ultralight AirPump will include 4 nozzles to function with any valve type on the market.

We're yet to find a valve that's incompatible.

Long Lasting Battery

Never worry about running out of juice,

You can fill up 10+ air mattresses on a single charge.

💡 Light Up The Night

Never cook in the dark or fumble around in your bag looking for things in pitch black.

The Ultralight AirPump has a built-in
10h+ LED light 🔦

Start Fires Faster

No need to get smoke in your eyes trying to blow into some embers.

Get your fire going twice as fast using the Ultralight Camping AirPump

If you're not satisfied with the Ultralight AirPump, tear up the invoice - you won't owe us a cent.

What could be fairer than that?

Try our Ultralight AirPump FREE for 120 days.

We offer 120 day Money-Back Guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you every penny. 

Shipping Info 📦

• United States: 7-13 Days
• Canada: 10-15 Days
• United Kingdom: 6-10 Days
• Australia: 8-15 Days
• New Zealand: 10-17 Days
• Europe: 8-12 Days
• International: 12-20 Days

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

Will it damage my gear?
Certainly not, all the AirPump does is suck in filtered air through it's nozzle into your mattress or pillow's valve.

How long does it last?
It can fill up roughly 9-12 air mattresses with one full charge.

Does it need batteries?
Nope! Your AirPump will have a charging cable included in the sack.

Will it fit my valve type?
We have yet to find an air mattress or pillow that has an incompatible valve.

Brands that work perfectly:
Nemo, Klymit, Thermarest (New & Old), Exped, REI, Coleman, Sea to Summit, Trekeology, etc...

How does this protect my gear?
Humidity builds up from our breath when we fill up these mattresses, avoid this by using an Ultralight Camping AirPump.

Specifications ⚙

Build: Hardened ABS Plastic
AirPump Weight: 2.9 ounces (85 grams)
Nozzles Weight:
0.1 ounces (4 grams)
Width & Height: 1.1 in x 1.4 in (4.3 x 5.3 cm)
Water Resistant:
Flow Rate: 180L/min
Efficiency: 9-12 mattresses filled per charge
Battery Size: 1300mAh
*charging cable included*

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